What is HowApp?

We are team of four passionate Montessori enthusiasts,  including two designer moms (one of us is Montessori-certified) and two software developers.

Our team developed an app that helps parents find and organise educational, playful and modified-Montessori activities to do with kids (age 1-12) at home:


Parents use HowApp to

  • Easily find creative play, experiments & activities for kids

  • Plan and keep track of kids’ activities and routines

  • Get inspired by a friendly and positive global parenting community

Parents become more engaged, creative, organised, structured, informed, inspired, motivated and positive using HowApp.

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Why we are doing this?

We want to bring high-quality childhood education to every family around the world. 

Our long-term goal is to be the go-to platform for parents - a scientifically-reliable source of information and tools. We want to address all aspects of childhood education: social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.