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Finding Friends and Managing Contacts on HowApp

HowApp gets more fun when you find and invite friends. Following friends opens up a world of social interaction and gets the positive parenting spirit going.

Finding Friends

Select the option to Find Friends on your profile page or the Find Friends icon on the  Home page.

From these 2 places, you can search by name from the search bar. You can browse through suggested connections, Facebook friends, friends from your phone's contacts.

When you find a new parent you want to follow, just tap the orange Follow icon next to their name.

Select Invite at the bottom of the screen to send invitations with your preferred messaging app.

Connect your Facebook and Contacts

  • Connect your Facebook account to discover which of your Facebook friends are already on HowApp. 

  • By adding your contacts, HowApp will list contacts that you already follow, suggest friends to follow based on contacts that are already on HowApp, as well as show other contacts who are not on HowApp.

Who can I send an invite to?

You can send an invite to anyone you think would be a good part on HowApp!

If you have any questions or requests, please send us feedback to You can also join the discussion about HowApp on Facebook - our group is Montessori At Home.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Let us know how we can make HowApp better for you. 🤗