Getting organised with activity “Shelf” feature

Save All Your Activities In One Place

The internet’s a big place—and with so many interesting activities out there it’s easy to lose track of your favorites. To make it easier to keep all your inspiration in one place, we’ve created a handy new tool—Shelf (inspired by Montessori education)

Hopefully you’re already using HowApp's signature bookmark feature (previously known as “Lesson Plans''—it lets you save your favorite activities on the app into themed, private collections we call “Shelf”. 

How can I create an activity Shelf?

Click on the section ‘Shelves”’ in your profile to create a new one. Alternatively, click on ‘Save’ in any activity to get to the shelf menu where you can create a new one.

How can I save activities in a Shelf?

You can click ‘Save’ on any activity you like. The shelf view will open and you can save the activity in an already existing shelf or create a new one.

How can I edit or delete a shelf?

Click on one of your shelves. There you find an ‘Edit’ button where you can change the title, add, move, or delete activities. It’s there where you can also delete the entire shelf.

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