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Program description 

Become an expert on HowApp’s mission, product and features. Promote gentle and positive parenting.

We apply science and technology to solve problems related to parenting and childhood education. HowApp provides its community with invaluable activities developed by experts and home educators as well as organisational tools around child development.

We bring high quality childhood education to every family around the world. Learn more about our vision & mission here

The app is now available in App Store and Google Play. It will be soon available in the Huawei Store and Amazon AppStore for Android. It’s accessible in 183 countries all over the world. In case if you don’t have the latest app, you can find the download links on our website:

Your benefits

-       Get life-time access to all premium features in HowApp,

-       Get discounts & promotions for your family, friends and your community members,

-       Get featured in HowApp’s social media, blogs etc. (if you want),

-       Build your own community, blog and brand, and get feedback our parents community,

-       Receive the HowApp Ambassador Badge to use in your CV, LinkedIn or profiles etc.,

-       Connect with an exclusive network of creative parents and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

-       Exclusive* consideration for opportunities including our Paid Stories program and Brand Partnerships, as well as opportunities to pitch to our partners.

Your Qualifications

-      Already published at least 5 activities using our “Advanced Post” publishing tool in HowApp,

-      Believe in HowApp’s vision and mission; you are passionate about child development issues.

Your responsibility

-       Publish activities every week using our “Advanced Post” publishing tool,

-       Share information about HowApp both online and in your social circles,

-       Give feedback, be active in the community and help improve HowApp.

Your expertise can help parents all over the world discover the benefits of gentle and positive parenting.

Will you be the next Ambassador? Apply today and tell us why you'd be an excellent fit for the program. 

To apply,  download HowApp, click on Profile, then go to Settings and use Contact Support. Alternatively, you can contact us at

*Depending on our business needs at any given time, we may consider stories & activities that are not part of the Ambassador program on a case-by-case basis.