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We’ve just launched the Paid Stories feature on HowApp. It’s our response to parents who (every day) need great ideas to support their children’s development. 

You can now buy coins on HowApp and use them to unlock amazing content and printables created by our creators. 

While the majority of the activities on HowApp will always be free, a small selection of the content will be exclusive, and can be purchased using HowApp coins.

How to unlock exclusive content (paid stories)

You need to purchase coins to be able to unlock exclusive content.

To purchase coins, go to your Profile and tap the Plus button (or the Coin icon) under your profile picture. Once you select your coin package, enter your App Store or Play Store password, and the purchase will be completed. Your coin balance will be automatically updated (you can always find it under your profile picture).

You can then go to Paid Stories (a yellow button on the main page) and start exploring. Every-time you unlock a paid story, you will be able to download the related printables.

If you are not yet on HowApp, you can download it for free here:

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The HowApp Team