“Mommy, I did it all myself!!”

More social features and kids activities for parents

It’s been a while.. We’re launching a new version of HowApp with more social features. 

What’s HowApp? HowApp is a social app for parents, built around Montessori and STEM/STEAM activities. Parents and families use it to find, create and organise things to do with kids.

It’s activity-only - we think that kids’ activity is a very special medium and tool for parents!!

We are a small team: 2 engineers and 2 designer moms (one of us is Montessori-certified, currently homeschooling… with kids non-stop jumping on our keyboards as we work ;-) 

What’s new? We’ve added some social features and updated the app to fix some crashes. We are working hard to add parents and activities to HowApp!

We are working on launching a creator accelerator program, which allows HowApp Creators to develop great activities and earn money. You can use this link to apply.

If you are not yet on HowApp, you can download it for free here: https://thehowapp.com

Using the app? Will you give us feedback

Thank you!

The HowApp Team