Plan and keep track of your kids’ activity

Everything you need to know about the HowApp’s planning and tracking features

Children need a stable and well-thought daily routine filled with a variety of interesting activities. Learn more in this article about how HowApp combines inspiring activities with organizational tools for parents and home educators, so that they don’t miss (personalized) growth opportunities for the children and keep track of children’s development. Implementing routines takes time and focus - HowApp eliminates the burden and cognitive load. 

With HowApp, you can use our default routine template as well as adjust it according to your needs. You can assign activities to routines and track your work (and progress) on a daily and weekly basis. Additionally, you can select from thousands of activity videos, create your parenting profile (and share it with your family, and friends) as well as learn from the parent community. All in one place.

How to start with the routines?

1.  Before you start, make sure that you have the latest version of HowApp installed on your phone (in case if you don’t have it, you can find the download links on our website:

2.  Click on Planning and you will see your weekly calendar as well as your default routine template  (Morning Routine, Work Cycle 1, Rest & Quiet Time, Work Cycle 2, Evening Routine). The default routine is perhaps the most commonly used routine (for toddlers and preschoolers) by the stay-at-home moms and dads. 

3.  If you want to plan your first activity (add an activity to a specific routine item, e.g. Evening Routine), you need to click on the purple PLAN AN ACTIVITY button below the routine. You need to become a subscriber to use the planning and tracking features.

How to customize my routine?

Click “Edit” on the planning page (next to the My Routine button) to enter the “Edit Routine” page. You can now swipe the routine items to either edit them or remove, or add a new routine item by clicking on the purple “ADD A NEW ROUTINE” button.

How to plan an activity using an existing activity in HowApp?

Click on the “PLAN” icon under any activity to assign this activity to a routine on a selected day. You can also assign this activity to multiple routines and set up one or multiple reminders (so that you get a notification when the time is right).

How to plan a new activity, which doesn’t exist in HowApp? (a multiple-step tutorial)

1. Click “PLAN AN ACTIVITY” (on the planning page) and then select the “Plan a new activity” option. Pick a date in the calendar (on the New Activity page) and choose a name for your planned activity.

2. Pick an icon and color, which represents your activity. Note: you can use color to label different children, difficulty levels or child development areas etc. You can also assign this activity to one or multiple routines.

3. After you assign this activity to one or multiple routines, you can set up reminders for yourself.

4. After you click “Save” (in the top right corner), the activity will be added to the routine. You can then open the routine to see your activities. You can swipe this activity to either edit, mark as favorite or delete it. 

5. To view and track your activities, you can click the calendar icon in the top left corner of the Home Page or the Planning Page.

How to save an activity in Favorites so that it can be reused?

Swipe an activity and click the heart icon. To access My Favorites, click the heart icon in the top right corner of the Planning Page. You can now swipe to edit, reuse or delete any activity from the list.

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