Why are routines important for a child?

New! Implementing routines for kids is easier than ever

Over the past few months we have rolled out over 20 new features and improvements, which have been requested by our parent community.

HowApp has now a new look and several tools that allow you to create, plan and organise activities as well as establish daily & weekly routines for your toddlers and preschoolers (and older kids). You can also learn from the community and the activity videos, create your own curriculums, organise your “shelves” and much more. 

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Why are routines important for children?

Routines are very important, because kids feel safe when they know what they can expect. A routine provides a predictable and consistent pattern of activities throughout the day, including: the learning time, the meal time, the rest time, the outdoor play time etc. It provides children with the time and the space that meets their needs, and enables them to explore their interests. It’s important to follow your child and establish a routine that works for your family as well as prepare a workspace, in which your children can let their interests take the lead. Having proper routines is a great step toward the independence of the child. Once the routine is set, children can focus on the right activities.

Here are three ways to look at how routines benefit children: 

  • Routines appeal to the child’s sense of order: Children have their “critical periods” to understand, sense and follow order (of the environment). Your children are trying to organise and categorise what they are experiencing. Keeping a clear, consistent and orderly routine will help children develop the sense of order.    

  • Routines help parents to not forget activities or things to be done:  Parents are busy and routines help them remember about important activities (there might be many things to do before breakfast). Routines take lots of cognitive load away from parents, so that they can focus on the right things.

  • Routines help children learn the foundations of logic and math: Being able to follow a sequence is important in both logic and math. Well-defined routines help children understand the need for structure, diligence and focus, which are essential in science.

  • Routines + Content + Community: Parents can now have everything in one place. Thousands of videos, a large parent community to learn from as well as the organisational tools. This combination makes routines even more powerful. 

“Morning activities”, “Evening stories”, “Physics day”, “Football exercises”, “Programming classes” are just a few examples of the routines you can implement. Have fun! 

If you want to learn more about how to plan your routines/activities in HowApp, open this link.